First of all congrats on your new watch because if you are reading this you may have bought a new watch or may have already bought one. If we talk about watches; It’s not just a watch, it’s a reflection of your character or personality. Many personal and professional memories are associated with watches. Watches are now a status symbol and with their help it is very easy to identify a person’s lifestyle just by looking at his watch. If you take care of your watch properly, you can pass it on to future generations. Here are some important tips for keeping your watch looking its best.

1. Clean Your Watch:

Always try to keep your watch clean regularly. If your watch is not water-resistant, use a dry cloth to clean the watch and band. If your watch is water-resistant, you can use a damp cloth. It is recommended to check your watch whether it is water-resistant or not before cleaning. If you are not sure whether your watch is waterproof, see the watch’s instructions for use.


2. Service Your Watch Regularly:

Depending on how your watch is used, you can set regular service appointments for your watch. Try to service your mechanical watch every 8-10 months. With a quartz (battery operated) watch, you just need to check the battery at the right time. A dead or inactive battery can damage your watch internally. You want to be sure and identify problems before they become problems. To avoid stretching the watch glass, it is better to use a microfiber cloth.


3. Avoid Magnets:

In our daily life we ​​use many devices, from smartphones to household items. All of them emit magnetic fields which can affect the accuracy of the watch. Therefore, always keep your watch away from magnets and magnetic fields. Magnets can affect the performance of the watch. Some watches are strong enough to withstand magnetic fields.


4. Water Resistance:

First of all, you need to know the water resistance of your watch. Water resistance is mostly visible on the watch. This information is displayed on bars or ATMs. Some of them are: water resistant up to 3 bar, 5 bar, 10 bar, etc. If your watch is not water resistant, it can withstand splashes of water. But it’s a good idea to avoid it. Try to keep your leather strap watch away from water. Water can damage the leather band of the watch.


5. Proper Storage:

It’s best to keep your watch in a box. The watch case is designed to keep the watch safe and protected from the sun. To avoid dust and moisture, watches should be stored in their original packaging. If you are placing more than one watch, place them separately to avoid potential scratches. With the help of a nice case, you can easily take care of your watch.


6. Replace Battery:

You should try to replace a dead battery as soon as possible. A dead battery can leak after a while and damage the watch’s interior. Always use quality watch batteries with certain warranties. It may be a bit pricey, but it will extend the life of the watch.


7. Avoid Shocks:

Shocks and bumps are not good for a regular watch. Try to avoid major shocks such as falls on hard surfaces or electric shocks as this watch has some delicate precision instruments. the inside of the watch can be damaged. For sports purposes, you should choose a sports watch.


8. Sun Explorer & Temperature:

Some metals cannot tolerate sunlight. Therefore, do not expose the watch to direct sunlight. Heat can also affect the watch’s battery life. Avoid temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius. Don’t spend too much time in the snow. This may damage your watch.


9. Clean Bracelet:

Bracelets should be kept clean and in a good place. You can easily clean your chain bracelet with a regular toothbrush. You can easily clean each bracelet link. On the other hand, leather straps have a limited lifespan. Different leather straps have different abilities to handle moisture and sweat. For a long time, always opted for higher quality leather straps.


10. Avoid Contact With Chemicals:

Chemicals such as soap, perfume, cosmetics, etc. can damage your watch case or strap. Perfume can also sometimes damage your watch band. If you spray perfume on your hand, let it sit for a while and then put your watch on.


11. Never Open Your Watch:

Never open the watch yourself, you can seek professional assistance from the watchmaker. Opening your watch can expose it to dust and dirt. This can also affect the water resistance of the watch. This can damage your watch, so it is better to seek professional help.


12. Read The Watch Manual Properly:

This is the most important maintenance tip for any watch. There are many different settings that are specific to each watch. Mechanical watches should be treated with the utmost care and respect.


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